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Level 4: The Advanced Specialist

Levels 1, 2 & 3. provide the essential and main body of the Classical system. The level 4 aspect of training builds on this foundation with specialist areas of Thai bodywork practice. Some courses are Advanced areas within Thai massage, and other courses include a beneficial mix from another system and tradition.


Advanced Thai Abdominal Massage - 5 Days

Thai Abdominal Massage is a traditional art of working with the abdomen and internal organs, based on Thai energy lines and acupressure system. On this course you will learn Thai abdominal massage protocols step by step for the following

- Preparation to working the abdomen

- Skin detox

- Large and small intestine

- Liver and gallbladder

- Stomach, pancreas and spleen

- Kidneys and bladder

- Reproductive system

- Acupressure

- Moxa usage in abdominal massage


Mornings will start with specific exercises and meditations dedicated to the wellbeing of specific pairs of internal organs, then students will bring this knowledge into their massage as they learn the ancient art of Thai abdominal massage  


Thai Massage for Female Health - 15 days

Thai Massage for female health is led by Hanna Kemp, who uses her vast knowledge of female health and the cycle of life, in addressing the main components of fertility, pregnancy, postnatal, menstrual, and menopause care.

There will be several lectures on key issues of female health, safety, and care. The massage training will focus on re-establishing pelvic alignment, stability, and abdominal core integration. We will also focus on hormonal balance and its maintenance throughout female life. The approach is holistic and works from the outside inwards. It is probably the deepest and most insightful approach to female health within the area of Thai massage at this current moment. 


Dynamic Osteo-Thai Massage - 10 Days

Module 1:  5 Days - Supine   

Module 2:  5 Days - Side, Prone & Sitting

Dynamic Osteo-Thai is my own unique signature flow. It brings together my resonance with the Yoga system and mixes this with elements from Osteopathy and Dynamic Thai massage that work well together. The course is built around 3 principles:

Dynamic Oscillating Rhythm - Awareness of Fascial Properties - Yoga Mind/Body/Soul. 


Osteo-Thai Massage - 5 Days

Module 1:  3 Days - Lower Body

Module 2:  2 Days - Upper Body


Osteo-Thai fuses together practice and knowledge from Osteopathy with the ancient system and amazing techniques of Thai Massage. Alongside Thai Acupressure, Osteo-Thai has a stronger focus on Anatomy than other courses at Cosmo Thai Yoga. We teach anatomy trains as taught by Tom Myers, and focus on joint mobility, working with key muscle groups, and improving breathing and posture. The course emphasises soft touch, delicate rhythm and good listening skills.


Thai Rebozo - 5 Days 

Thai Rebozo uses Mexican scarves for rocking, stretching and compressing. It is a fusion between Thai Massage and Rebozo Massage. Both disciplines are ancient traditions of bodywork and both have deep cultural and philosophical roots. The combination of both techniques produces a powerful healing massage that includes deep compressions, assisted stretching, and twisting and rocking. Thai Rebozo gives a practitioner a wide range of possibilities from very gentle work and powerful deep and sustained compressions. Thai Rebozo can be used in many areas such as female health, structural realignment therapy, and for transformative and healing processes.

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