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Cosmo - I currently live in Odessa with my wife Anna and our three children, where I practice and teach Thai Yoga Massage. I am the director of Cosmo Thai Yoga (Accredited School of Thai massage)

My unique approach is that I teach Meditation, Yoga and Thai massage as one complete system known as the Inner and Outer path. The Inner path is personal development and preparation through Yoga and Meditation. The outer path is learning the medical model and classical postures in Thai massage. 

I first qualified as a Yoga teacher in 2007 after completing a 500 hour course with the BWY and then 2 years later in 2009 I qualified as a Thai Massage Instructor after completing a 400-hour Teacher training program in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

I continued my studies for the next 8 years at Sunshine School in Thailand, studying for 3 months every winter. My main teachers over this period were Ralph Marzen, Kam Thye Chow, David Lutt, Doris Colling and Suriyan Punyafoo. I am now part of the teaching staff at Sunshine School in Chiang Mai, every winter


Hanna - Hanna is a body therapist, a body-emotional therapist, and a teacher, who bases her practice on a trauma-informed approach to working with the body. Hanna has been working in areas of postpartum recovery and women's health for the past 10 years, combining Mexican, Eastern European & Thai traditions.


Together with Cosmo, they have developed a unique and effective approach to female health in the areas of fertility, pregnancy, and postpartum recovery.

Hanna is the author and the teacher of Tai Rebozo Massage. She assists Cosmo in workshops on Thai massage, as well as independently conducting online courses and seminars on female health internationally.


Viola - Is a practicing master of Dynamic Thai massage and teacher of Classical Thai massage with 7 years of experience.


She is fluent in various oriental massage practices, including Lomi-Lomi Nui, Chi Nei Tsang, Tok Sen, Jap Sen, Sabai, etc.


For 18 years, she has been an instructor in the rehabilitation and prevention of spinal diseases for children and adults, as well as an instructor of Avir Yoga (Aerial yoga).

She has been an assistant teacher for Cosmo on all of the Beginners and the Advanced courses taught in Ukraine and is very highly respected by students and fellow teachers.

Student Teachers in Training 


Elena - Practitioner, student and teaching assistant at the CosmoThaiYoga School - Studying at 4th level 

Elena is a professional therapist giving Thai yoga massage, Sabai Oil massage, Yoga. and Swaddlling for women. I have  been working with postpartum women and as a breastfeeding consultant for over 8 years.

She regularly assists at school seminars. Conducts retreats and workshops at festivals. Helps to organize massage meetings for Cosmo Thai Yoga in Kiev region.


Olga - Student and Teaching Assistant at the Cosmo ThaiYoga School. Presently studying at 4th level

Olga is a practicing Thai massage therapist and  KST Practitioner. She is a Yoga teacher and also has good training experience in Wu'оtai, Sabai table massage

She regularly assists at school seminars. Conducts retreats and workshops at festivals. Helps to organize massage meetings for Cosmo Thai Yoga in Kiev region.

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