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Advanced Thai Massage Level 3 -  100 hours

Module 1: Advanced Elbows, Forearms & Knees - 6 Days 

Module 2: Advanced Elbows, Forearms & Knees - 6 Days

Module 3: Advanced, Using Feet & Stretches   ---  6 Days + 1 Day exam 

The Advanced Practitioner Level 3 course is divided into 3 modules over 19 days.

The first two modules include 12 days of therapeutic training in the use of elbows, forearms and knees. The second module is a 6-day study of the Therapeutic use of feet in Thai massage. Finally, there will be an informal exam over 1 day, where students will perform 2 massages of 1.5hrs

The Advanced Level 3 course is the natural and next step forward in training after completing the Beginners Foundation level 1&2 course. .Level 1 & 2 provides the basic foundation but together with level 3, both courses provide the Complete foundation of Thai Yoga massage over 31 days of training. Together they contain the main body of the classical system in Thai Massage.

From performing a general Thai massage in the Beginners course, in level 3 students work more consciously with specific problems of functionality and mobility throughout the musculoskeletal system. The training is deeper and the practice is slower, with more precise and prolonged use of acupressure. Students develop more understanding of what they are doing and working with the least amount of effort through precise alignment of the body.


Advanced Techniques - Using Elbows & Knees

This course teaches you the art of using your elbows, forearms and knees to perform a very high quality and precise massage.


Participants will develop a deeper understanding of the Sen lines as anatomical fascial chains that link the entire body. The training will focus on working along these trains to eliminate pain patterns that appear along them. Thereby helping to restore energy flow and greater mobility and functionality throughout the body.


Advanced Techniques - Using Feet

The use of feet in Thai massage comes from Indian foot massage '‘Chavutti Thirumal’ from Kerala. I first studied this in Kerala and then later with my main teacher Ralph Marzen. This method is unique in that you will learn how to do a full Thai Yoga body massage using only your feet.


Using Feet to give massage brings many benefits, such as using less effort whilst applying more power. We have more ability to ground our clients using deep stable pressure and we can provide a stronger, longer and deeper pressure for larger people.

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